Susan A's Email to Senator Tim Kaine

07/12/2017 22:56

I gave you a grade of F. Your constant talk about Russia is evidence that you have something to hide. I pray the Lord uncovers the truth about the DNC ties to Russia so we can move on with our lives. Drip, drip, drip. I no longer watch cable news because it is so damaging to our democracy.

End Obamacare. You are deceived if you think we like it. The people I know in Virginia hate Obamacare, and they despise career politicians like you because of your direct  involvment in ruining our health care system. I am glad I voted for Trump/Pence. Russia had nothing to do with my decision. I would like to see you reap the bitter fruit of your deceitful party stealing the election from Bernie Sanders. How quickly you were able to offer him deals he could not refuse....just another crooked career politician storing up trouble for himself on the day of judgement. Someday you will have no choice but to drink the cup of the Lord's Anger. Good luck with that one. 

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