Alice D's Email to Representative Paul Ryan

08/27/2017 16:22

I gave you a grade of F.  It seems you're very mistaken re the case against Sheriff Joe.  It was a set up from the start.  The ACLU's legal firm was none other than Covington and Burling (Eric Holder's employer).  Also, one of the attorney's was Judge Snow's brother-in-law.  Judge Bolton is a communist activist (read her decisions).  Do you really think Sheriff Joe was going to have a fair trial?  Sheriff Joe was enforcing the immigration laws on the books that haven't changed since the 80's (because congress has been broken for decades).  Neither Snow nor Bolton were going by the constitution.  Sheriff Joe was charged because of Obama's dislike of opposition thinkers.  Remember the Chia pet head that went away very quickly?  You don't live in a border state so illegal aliens entering our country isn't a priority.  Obama admin gave Arizonians signs--which didn't make the state safer.  You should ask Mrs. Robert Krentz what she thinks re this matter.  Her husband was murdered walking out into his front yard during the Obama watch.  If you don't support our President, you should keep your thoughts to yourself.

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