Charlene M's Email to Representative Paul Ryan

08/28/2017 02:24

I gave you a grade of F. WTF is wrong with you.....Obama Pardoned Thugs, Traitors and Terrorist you Republicans slould be voted out.

Democrats are making you all look like little weak babies they are making fun of you and calling all of you Racists. they are having their Domestic Terrorist Groups ( Antifa, Bamn and BLM ) BEATING PEOPLE IN THE STREETS AND DESTROYING OUR CITIES and no it's not just KKK members it's regular people as well.

The Democrats are taking America by Force and you guys are letting them !!!!!

Maybe you Weak ass Republican Leaders can take a page out of the Democrat Playbook ( Rules for Radicals ). and NO it is not Trumps Fault !!!!!

If you Republicans are to scared to stand up to the Democrats and their Alt-Left Domestic Terrorist Groups then you need to step down and let someone in there thats not afraid to Fight for America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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