Robert B's Email to Senator John Cornyn

10/27/2017 21:52

I gave you a grade of F.  It is most obvious that the POTUS is completely unfit for office.  It is also obvious that you are as well.  Real senators stand up against tyranny you have not.  Senators Flake, McCain, Murkowski, S. Collins are the only true American Senators left in the Senate.  Without courage taking a seat in the Senate with this corrupt and traitorous Trump is stealing from the American people.  This is you John a thief collecting your check and doing nothing.   Applauding the backstabbing current white house resident as all you sycophants do.  Keep it up and you have been warned as in the end Trump will screw you over as well and Bannon will denounce you just as you deserve.  As you and Ted Cruz show no love for America in her worse crisis let it be publicly known that you two cowards sat back collected checks and did NOTHING!!!

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