Christine M's Email to Senator Cory Booker

01/16/2018 22:23

I gave you a grade of F. I watched your performance today. Where is your fist banging on the table and tearful concerned for Americans? You voted NO on the tax package. NO to Americans keeping more of their paychecks. NO to single moms getting a possibile raise and taking more home in their paychecks. NO to Americans getting bonuses. All you care about is stopping our President's agenda. You don't give a rat's behind about US citizens. How dare you care more about people from other countries over the people you represent. How dare you not wanting to give US citizens a break on their taxes. I'msure the American people will remember just who cares about them paying less in taxes. About who cares in bringing back good paying jobs to the US. WE WILL NOT FORGET WHO ABANDONED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

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