Christine M's Email to Representative Nancy Pelosi

01/18/2018 13:04

I gave you a grade of F. You call these bonuses crumbs. Well what do you call what Apple is doing? Is bringing back 350 BILLION to the economy crumbs too? Is adding 20,000 new jobs over the next 5 years crumbs too? Companies raising their base pay by 2 or more dollars is that crumbs too? Is getting more money back in an employees paycheck crumbs too? All those so called crumbs all up to a lot of dough doesn't it.  You Dems voted NO to all of this and more!!! YOU VOTED NO in giving money money back to single Moms and families struggling to make ends meet.  Tell me Nancy when did the Dems every come up with a law that gave this much back to the people???? ALL YOU DEMS CARE ABOUT IS ILLEGALS AND TO HECK WITH THE AMERICAN CITIZEN AND BRINGING DOWN OUR PRESIDENT!!!!! SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!

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