Christine M's Email to Representative Nancy Pelosi

02/08/2018 14:54

I gave you a grade of F... I can't believe you have turned your back on American citizens. You stand for 8 hours and fight for illegals and DACA. Then during the State of the Union address YOU SAT ON YOUR BUTTS WHEN AMERICAN'S, WHO WERE THEIR AND HONORED, LOST THEIR LOVED ONES BECAUSE OF ILLEGALS... LIKE YOU DIDN'T CARE ONE DAMN BIT!!! You sat on your butts for record low unemployment and the lowest ever recorded unemployment for Hispanic and Black Americans. You sat on your butts for manufacturing that is coming back to America. YOU SAT ON YOUR BUTTS IN DISGUST FOR ALL AMERICANS TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE!!!!!  I PRAY THAT YOU DEMS WILL PAY THE PRICE IN NOVEMBER FOR THIS OUTRAGE!!!!! YOU ARE DISGUSTING AND UNAMERICAN AND DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN CONGRESS!!

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