How do I fix the AOL error AC 3000?
  • AOL Error AC 3000 is a server error that makes it difficult for users to send and receive emails from their AOL accounts. You can use the solutions mentioned below to try and fix the error so that you can continue using your email account:
    • Turn off the modem, router and computer and turn them on after a while.
    • Clear the cache and check for any browser updates that need to be completed.
    • Reconnect all the computer cables to make sure there are no loose wires.
    • Run a virus scan on your computer to ensure your system is not affected by any malware.
    In case you find that Error AC 3000 persists, you will need to call the aol email customer service number and ask for additional technical assistance.

    For more info click here: aol email support number

    Visit here: aol email technical support

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