The gift that keeps on giving from Harry Reid
  • The U.S. Senate is breaking records when it comes to the number of judical noms, appeals court appointments that have been confirmed by the Senate. These men and women have the final say on the vast majority of our nation’s legal dispuste.

    The Pres. is also tapping conservative outside DC groups for nominee recommendations and is some cases has choosen those candidates over recommendations from GOP Sens with ABA credentials. It is making some in the mad at times…oh well!

    Obviously, part of the reason why the U.S. Senate is making such headway on these Judicial noms/vacancies is as a result of Sen. Reid breaking the Senate rules back in 2013 in order to make the new Senate rule that nominations can not be filibustered. The new rule of the Senate as of Nov. of 2013 is that nominations (other than Supremes) only require a simple majority of Senators present and voting to confirm. No more blocking nominations by the minority party!

    Grassley’s tweet on this:from Dec. 2017
    Proud to say the judiciary committee + the senate made history 2day by confirming the 12th circuit judge this year. the MOST in the 1st yr of any president in the 228 yr history of our country

    Thank you Harry Reid!

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