Mitt Romney
  • It looks like the Republicans are destined to have another RINO candidate for President.

    I think this is absolutely disgusting. Can't the Republicans ever do anything right.

    They run scared and then they screw up. Where is the courage needed to put forth real conservative candidates that have some real backbone?

    I guess I will have to use a "write in" vote this year. Can't bring myself to vote for Romney.
  • In order to "win" this election, we are ALL going to have to stick together and vote for whomever the Republican nominee may be; even Romney. I detest him but he is better than obama. Our goal is to rid the WH of the evil regime.

    By adding write-ins, etc, you make obama a shoe in. We cannot take another 4 yrs of obama and his socialist movement. If he wins, it's all over. The End!
  • Romney is not my choice either when it comes to Republicans, but I'd vote for him 10 times rather than the Marxist bozo we have in the White House now.
  • Can the GOP afford to count on on votes that are against a candidate rather than for
    a candidate? This concerns me when it comes to actually winning in November. Come on party, get tough!
  • Our Country is at a crossroads... there are "two doors" as the fable says, one has the "lady" the other the"tiger or sure death". I'm not a Romney fan either, and I was so disappointed in the GOP's destructive primary - however, unless we want to live under a "failing European socialist government" - we all better "suck it up" and quite bashing the GOP candidate we are left with. After this election - I am going to register "Independent" - I feel both parties have left the American people behind and their own greed and egos drive their actions. It took both parties to get us where we are - it's just the Dems seem "heck bent" on putting us in a "death spiral". Can Mitt win in November - we better hope he does.
  • Any one except Obama----even a frog but not Obama the commie.
  • Yes we all must unite and get Obama and his minions out of office. This current president should have never been elected. But he was, and look at what has happened to our Country and the World as well. The forces of Evil are on the loose and unchecked both here and abroad. We all can feel the dispair and fear that is in the air. If he is re-elected, we can expect more of the same and probably alot worse!
    On the otherhand, Romney is a good man. You may not totally agree with all of his statements or his actions, but you have to admit he is a good man. Unless you clone yourself, you will never totally agree with all other people anyway. Accept him as he is and where you disagree you may attempt to influence his thoughts and actions through legal and other appropriate means. I have no doubt that with his election, you will witness an almost overnight improvement in the economy, hope and liberty will again fill the air. If for no other reason, electing Romney will give us time to rebuild our lives, homes, and prepare for the Evil that will most surely rise again.
    So lets unite and be strong behind the best man available for the job! Let's all do whatever we can to further our cause of good, for ourselves, our families, our communities, our Country!

  • I must admit I am not a Romney fan either, but if the alternate is Obama, then Romney is my man. I would hope that before the next presidential election we could convince the Republicans and the Democrats to have one main primary for all states on the same day. This would eliminate wasted money, time, and you would get to vote for the candidate you really want not someone left over from the first two or three or four states that get to vote first. This would also increase interest for all voters and I believe there would be a huge turnout. Plus we would not get sick of all the political ads and debates. Let us write, call, e-mail the heads of both parties and our Congress people both federal and state and tell them what we want, then we the voters get to pick the people we want not the party heads or big donors.
  • Our problems that last 30 years is due to we end up voting for the 'LESSER OF 2 EVILS'. I will support Romney because I already looked into his record in MASS. and he did a very good job. he has more knowledge than the entire OBAMA administration
  • I agree and the tea party will keep his and any other rino's feet to the fire. They work for us. Make a date with one or two of your neighbors to go to the voting polls together, I have a feeling the lines will be longer than usual pack a lunch
  • Mormon not Moron
  • There were thousands of Tea Party Citizen Candidates who ran for office in the 2010 and the GOP Tea Party Buses rolled. These National Groups founded and funded by the GOP allowed the policiticans who caused the People to rise up in 2009 got herded through the GOP Sheep Gate.Less than 1 hand full of fingers represents how many citizens got elected accross the nation.2010 may have been the last election the American People had.If there is ever another election the politicans are not replaced in full meassure,then will learn if Obama's 1 term put us on a tract that has no U-Turns. The American People have got to have RESOLVE,or we loose everything.
  • Whether or not you are a personal fan, please read Rush Limbaugh's transcipt entitled, "These Clueless Republicans Must Stop Willfully Ignoring the Substance of This Unconstitutional Obamacare Disaster." What was so, "spot on" for me was how he challenges the GOP to identify and deal with the true issues at hand. If we do not, I fear we may lose this election because we show no direction.
  • It's true the Republicrates have a Rino for a candidate, but if we ALL who want to kick Obumer out of office we must get behind Romney and vote for him. It's our only hope for America. The Republicans and Dems are one in the same party. Their objectives are the same "Socialize America" and get rid of the constitution. We need a third party that represents the American people. That's been lost now for decades. We are back to Taxation without representation...seems like we are going backwards to the Boston tea party days. Hopefully the Tea Party will gain momentum and become the party that represents the people.
  • I doubt Romney can beat Obama.But if by some freak miracle Romney wins,then we got Obama for another term.Obama's policies are Romney's. Many of Obama's Czars were Mitt's Aides on the same issues.You can start with the Health-care Czar.Then cross reference the Science Czar.Then continue down the list and you can get a great idea for a bumper sticker that will make you rich. 'A vote Romney is a vote for Obama-A vote for Obama is a vote for Romney.' The 2008 election gave birth to the 2009 Tea Party People Rise Up because people got tired.McCain would fair better than Romney against Obama.As for Rush,he forgot to tell us Mitt Romney owns 49% of Clear Channel,Rush works for Romney.Rush is not going to mention Romney's Health-care staff joined Obama's staff members to establish Obama-care.I am looking at a few of the Citizen Candidates,they are learning the US Constitution.
  • Listen up Americans.....Romney has his problems....I totally agree...and threw the process i kept rooting for someone else. However the selection has came down to what it is . Personally I feel Romney had better hope hes alot better then Obama....I as a citizen of this Country and a registered Voter have came to the end of my rope with lieing politicians.....Americans will hold Romneys feet to the fire ... Impeachment should be what is happening to Obama and his thugs now...Instead Americans like my self know how long of a process it would be to impeach Obama . we should have started Impeachment as soon as the OBAMACARE TAX was passed. However we have chose the road we are on. Allowing our election process to go threw proceedures. So that on Election day we will vote Obama OUT and Romney IN. However we will never again let such out right corrupt theives run our country again....So at this time Romney is our guy ....!!!!
  • Impeachment is not the answer and never was. Look what we would have gotten. Our answer is this November.
    "lightweight" you are absolutely correct but you just scratched the surface!
    Romney was selected to insure bHUSSEIN-O would be re-elected.
    Both are "Socialist".
    Romney co-invented and FORCED Mass. into socialized medicine.
    bHusseinO just copied Romney's formula and put a new number & name on it.
    Both of their religions easily dovetail into one another. In fact they serve the same God!
    The election is NOT the answer for America. Nothing is going to change for the better!
    The only Answer; the only Solution; the only HOPE is 2Chronicles 7:14
  • So a lot of folks are not happy with Romney. I wanted Ron Paul but Romney will have my vote now. I actuallt think maybe the people know or knew what they were doing when Romney won the primaries. I always felt we needed someone who had a head for business. With all the Obama Debt we have to have a smart man to pull us through. We have to get together and save our kids and grand childrens futures. We are the only people who can save us. Come on people and vote Romney/Ryan or let Obama in for another 4 years. Jusy how much freedom or country will we have left if that man wins again? None.
  • whimsey. You are 100% correct. I do not know if anyone can pull us out of the hole Obama has dug, but only a businessman has a shot. We must also not forget to vote out all that have no fiscal responsibility. The housing cave in started this whole mess and let us not forget who caused it - Chris Dodd & Barney Frank along with the tax and borrow congressmen. Let us also not forget who told congress to stop the housing nonsense 17 times - George Bush.
  • We have too get rid of the marxist muslim in the White House. This country is doomed if Oblamo gets re-elected.
  • Maybe it is time to ask,where is any political parties referrenced in the US Constitution ? Why does the Primaries only work for the 2 major parties and not for the many other parties and and the NPA's Independents ? Why does the Electoral College only work for the demomrats and republicans and not include the many other parties and the NPA's Independents ? Where in the US Constitution is the Electoral College referrenced ? I have many other questions but will save my ink for now.
  • Nothing is going to change as long as Congress has a lower than 10% approval rating and we still vote them back in. Are the 10% the only ones that vote? We are way past the time for TERM LIMITS.

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