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  • How To Resolve Pinterest Issues

    Are you a Pinterest fan? Well, then you must love to enjoy scrolling through hundreds of images on your phone or computer. Pinterest has gained a giant amount of popularity since its release and has become one of the most favorite apps in the world.
    But the major disappointment comes in when the user is not able to access their Pinterest account on their mobile phones or laptop. Hence, this article while guide you through all the possible solutions to fix various issues that make your Pinterest not working.

    Different Solutions To Fix Pinterest not working Issues

    When you are using Pinterest on its official app then you can simply clear its cache files from your respective phone’s settings. However, using it on the web browser such as Google Chrome has another story. Pinterest users often face issues while using it on the web browser. If you also like to scroll through your Pinterest timeline on your PC screen then here’s what you can do to fix issues.

    Solution 1: When Pinterest Timeline Stops Loading
    • Go to the Chrome’s settings
    • Navigate to the History section
    • Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option
    • Deselect every option other than “Cookies and other Data”
    • Click on the Clear Data button
    Now, try logging into your Pinterest account and see if it is working properly.

    Solution 2: Pinterest Browser Button Is Not Visible

    There are various reasons that are responsible when your Pinterest browser button isn’t visible on your Chrome browser. Follow the steps listed below.

    Disable Every Add-On Or Extension
    • Navigate to the 3-Vertical icon on the top right
    • Select the More Tools option
    • Select Extensions
    • Deselect every unnecessary extension
    • Re-Launch Chrome and see if your Pinterest is working properly
    Update Google Chrome
    • Click on the 3-Vertical icon on the top right
    • Select the Help option
    • Click on the About Google Chrome option
    • Let the Chrome check for any update
    • Click on the update option and then re-launch Chrome after it has been updated
    If still your Pinterest not working on chrome then you must seek technical assistance by contacting the Pinterest technical support.

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