• A very very sad day for all Americans. I am so disgusted with our Congress, President and now the Justices'. I am not young and will not be around for to long but I feel very sad for our young people who will be soon living in a third world. That is what America is becoming, THE CONSTITUTION IS BEING TRAMPLED ON and we don't care...
  • Have no fear, this will end up being the best thing for all of us. I believe it will energize the electorate to cause a "shellacking" in 2012...sound familiar. This is what happened in 2010 and the word "shellacking" was used by Obama. This is the number one issue facing American voters just behind jobs. I believe Gov. Romney can tie jobs, economy and ObamaCare all together and hit a home run with it on Nov. 6, 2012. Keep the faith and thanks for the comments!
  • I sincerely hope you are right about your comment, Elizabeth. Obama lied about the bill not being a tax and now is taking credit for it passing the SCOTUS test. Seems to me he can't have it both ways without losing total credability. Kinda like was he lying then or is he lying now?
  • I certainly hope you are right Elizabeth. I am 76 so what is going on now in our country will have little affect on me but I really worry about the mess we have put our children and grandchildren in and hope they can do a better job with the country than we have done.
  • We can put the country back on the straight and narrow path this Nov. 6th but everyone has to get out and vote. Too many sat out in 2008 because of lack of faith in McCain and to give 'hope and change' a looksee. Well we saw...we saw Socialism unleashed and if obummer gets another 4 years he won't care how he finally shreds the last of the Constitution since he won't face another election (there will be future elections, won't there be? Remember, Obama wants to establish a civilian army answerable to only him and he's after rigid gun control. An unarmed citizenry is doomed by big government. Let's all get out and vote and encourage our family and friends to vote the Socialists out before it is too late to save our republic.
  • Amen, Look at Venezuela, to our south which should be one of the places in the World where things are going well because of their oil. Instead they have the highest inflation, highest crime rate and worst economy in South America. One man rule with socialism really works.
  • Does not matter if it is considered a tax or a penalty, we will all be TAXED and PENALIZED into oblivion. Rationed care...higher premiums.....red tape.........Obamacrap needs to be scrapped. Our country is going to be in worse trouble if this Communist wins another 4 years.
    OBAMACARE TAX... applies to only you .....ALL MUSLIMS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS LAW.......Wake up and Help true Americans to FIRE OBAMA and THROW OUT THIS TRASH WITH THE REST.....!!!!!
  • Dot sksi We care and we on our way ton your and others like you. We are pi$$ and we are not going along any longer. I don't think that those that voted for the kenyan really knew he was a kenyan. There is no excuse today, Any known voter that falls in his line should have to forefit theie american passport and be deported with the rest of the illegals in this country. Yes I am PI$$ED................
  • There are so many misconceptions being thrown out about the Affordable Healthcare Act. Most of the misinformation is coming from republicans only to show their bipartisanship against Democrats. It's sad that the United States does not have healthcare for ALL of it's citizens. Take a moment & watch the movie SICKO. Canada, England, & France are beyond us in taking care of it's citizens.
    Instead of taking care of the citizens, the Republicans would love to continue spending on defense & helping other countries. let's keep that money & help the citizens.
  • You sound like a TRUE Democrat.....I am not! I also know about the other countries and how they take care of their sick. They die sooner and do not get the medical attention we give ours. They come over to our country just for help.
  • I live in Brasil part of the year and can see how socialized medicine works. Our neighbor fell and broke her hip. She layed on a gurney in the hospital for over 2 weeks before anything was done for her. The emergency room allots 3 minutes per patient. Women in Canada are being sent to the USA for anything other than normal births. It would be nice to have healthcare for all and could be done if there was tort reform and if people could choose their own plan form anywhere in the country. Obamacare is unafordable and are you sure you want a plan that the law makers opt themselves out of and vote on without knowing what is in the plan? I hope mmalik23 you wise up and live in another country before you go spouting off about how good it is elsewhere and also how inexpensive it is. Are you nothing but a sheep who follows at the feet of Obama without doing your own thinking.
  • Amen...I just wish people would take the time to think about this medicare mess. Thank you for sharing.
    Romney was selected to insure bHUSSEIN-O would be re-elected.
    Both are "Socialist".
    Romney co-invented and FORCED Mass. into socialized medicine.
    bHusseinO just copied Romney's formula and put a new number & name on it.
    Both of their religions easily dovetail into one another. In fact they serve the same God!
    The election is NOT the answer for America. Nothing is going to "change" for the better!
    The only Answer; the only Solution; the only HOPE is 2Chronicles 7:14
  • why did he not follow the law. court ordered him to stop but he just write s laws wich is a crime he should be jailed
  • What happened to the idea of defunding Obamacare?
  • My Catholic education has taught me that the foundation of wisdom comes from keeping a priori principals in order. The word a priori means that first things must be kept first or you lose both. For example, it is an a priori statement to say that one believes in: God, family, and country. If a person puts God second in priority to family, he will lose both God and his family (God can not and will not be second to anything). If one puts one's country before his family, he will lose both his country and family (the family is the basic unit of society... as the family goes--so goes the country... John Paul II ).

    The Principles
    1. Love/Charity Must Be of The Free Will
    Love is: the free will choice (not emotion) to act (not feel) for the Good of the beloved. Love must-- of necessity-- be "of the free will". (Love and charity are synonyms). A kind or gratuitous act done by compulsion of force is not love, The force (taxation) denies the free will of the actor and removes both the virtue and the blessing from the dynamic. By removing the virtue and blessing.... due to the force compelling the act... the integrity of the person has been violated (raped). Strong, but appropriate words.

    2. It is a blessing and responsibility of the individual, family and church to take care of the poor, indigent and marginalized, not the government.
    All blessings come from God. When the individual, family and church are the "free will" source of charity then all are blessed; the giver, the receiver and the common good of the community. When the government is the source of blessings for the needy, then the government becomes the source of blessings, supplanting God, changing a blessing into a “right” (without the corresponding responsibility) of "entitlement" and making losers out of all involved by stealing the free will charity of the giver (taxation replaces charity), conditioning the receiver to demand his "right to be taken care of.. without owing anyone--even God-- a prayer of gratitude, and the community is conditioned toward atheistic socialism. The move (back) to this new “charity of the heart and soul” paradigm must be gradual, but sure, to ensure that the transition allows for the prudent care of those in need. This can best be done by:

    A. Allowing a 100% tax deduction for gifts to charitable organizations, and by removing the ceiling on how much can be donated--as a percentage of income while cutting back on the duration and degree of entitlements. (This is the opposite of what representatives proposed in 2009--that all charitable donations deductions be deleted from the tax code. Do you see what a Machiavellian power grab this is, do you see what an atheistic socialist and communistic power maneuver this is? And as a Catholic, who loves the Church deeply, I must tell you many Catholic religious have embraced the false notion that the government --- not the church—should be required to take care of the needy. Caritas in Veritate –Charity in Truth corrects this mis-understanding.)

    B. Re-instituting the strength of our families by Constitutional Amendment (There is no other way to stop the government from destroying our families.):
    The Family is the Fundamental Unit of Society.
    Although all individuals have the right to decide their own personal actions, the government in all its actions, agencies and policies, public and private shall in every way do everything to support, encourage and nourish in society both the nuclear and extended family.

    The nuclear family being defined as the encompassed man and woman who unite themselves through the honorable and lifelong decree of marriage and the children born or adopted to them.

    The extended family being defined as the combined group consisting of the nuclear family the man comes from: the nuclear family the woman he marries come from; and any nuclear family of their children natural or adopted.

    Many people are deeply compassionate towards the needs of others. They see their brother in need and all of the excess, waste and spoil of the ultra rich/gluttonous and want to help. These are good desires, but the implementation of these desires must come about with wisdom--that does not violate the a priori order. Even God will not violate the free will of man. And so, if the Church, and compassionate souls, want to help their brothers in need, then the way to do that is not by FORCED taxation, but by changing the hearts of those who have the means to help their brothers and sisters in need... and by working to establish laws that prevent exploitation--exploitatoin by individuals, corporations, unions, and governments. I agree that the health care system is very expensive... I also recognize that excessive law suit claims have driven costs higher; that health care professionals deserve a professional wage; that it is within the American health care system that 10s of thousands of cures are found and developed---not the socialized health care systems of the world.
  • Well said.

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