Hotmail Sign Up, How to Create a New Hotmail Account?
  • Follow the below steps to sign up Hotmail:
    You need to open firefox or google chrome, safari, opera browsers, and then click here to go Hotmail sign up form

    Fill the Details into boxes given below:

    1. Name
    2. User name
    3. Create Password
    4. Re-enter password
    5. Choose a country or region
    6. Postcode
    7. Birthday
    8. Gender
    9. Country Code
    10. Phone Number
    11. Alternate email address
    12. Then, Enter properly words

    After complete in all the details options, click Create Account to Create a Hotmail Account. Then you have just successfully created a new Hotmail account & you can use it right now.

    After you have successfully created, Microsoft will lead you to a welcome page.

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