Texas Representatives....
  • Pay Attention ALL VOTERS OF TEXAS...

    Today our Congressman AL GREEN was on the floor of Congress complaining to the REPUBLICANS if we insist on repealing Obamacare then we must REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER!!!! Reallly well where have you been MR. GREEN because just as a citizen that pays attention even I know
    REPUBLICANS have a better plan.....How dare this man stand up there and act as if we have done something wrong by trying to STOP OBAMAS TAX....!!! There are many ways to replace this OBAMACARE TAX..The University of Texas Dental School has a beautiful way of treating Americans that need dental help. They do an evauation on you . You pay according to your finaces. They find a student that needs to learn from your dental problems and they learn on you and you get affordable dental care. You can not tell me that this same practice could not be emplimented into other healthcare areas. Thats just my simple plan as an American . Mr.Green OBAMACARE TAX excludes ALL MUSLIMS,AND ILLEGAL ALEINS.....So in other words if you come here illegally you get to vote ...you get free education...you get FREE medical care....free groceries....free electric bills ....free cell phones....the government will pay you disability if you are hurt for any reason and cannot work.....MR. Green HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND...?????
    So pay ATTENTION ALL TEXAS VOTERS..... Do not reelect this idiot to our payroll....!!!!!!!!!!
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