"If you've got a business--you didn't build that" is exactly 100% wrong!
  • Remember Obama's stmnt from last week: "If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
    Our President was trying to say that the Government is responsible, from teachers to roads, it is the government to who you owe your success. WHAT? The President has it exactly 180 degrees wrong...the government owes business, not business owing government. Think about it:

    --What happens every April 15--we pay taxes to the government having worked most likely for a business
    --What happens after the 1st quarter of the year-Businesses pay 1st quarter taxes to the government
    --What happens aftre the 2nd quarter of the year-Businesses pay 2nd quarter taxes, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter, all the same occurs
    --What happens to every pay check you recieve-Your business withholds Social Security and federal income tax from your checks and pays it to the government
    --What happens every time we put a gallon of gasoline in our vehciles--we pay a portion of the cost of the gasoline to the government
    --What happens everytime we buy a product--we pay sales tax on that item to the government

    Soooo... without the American business, who employ people who buy gasoline and buy goods and services in America, the government has NOTHING. It has no money to build roads, to pay teachers, etc...Once again, our President obviously doesn't "get it", he has it wrong. This is America's core, America's DNA and our President has it exactly backwards. So very sad for our country. Pls vote on Nov. 6 and keep the faith!
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