How to Qualify in Google Analytics for Affiliate Marketing?
  • Qualification from Google itself is a confirmation that you really understand what you are dealing with. Previously, the service offered to pass testing and get a certificate for money. Now the examination service is available to everyone who wants it for free. But the principles have changed a bit.

    Let’s see how you can qualify for Google.

    Why Google Analytics Certification
    For marketers
    By providing your services, you can demonstrate to the employer your professionalism in practice. But qualifications show this even at the stage of the cooperation agreement. This allows:

    Increase the likelihood of working with serious and prestigious projects.
    Raise the cost of services.
    Of course, one certificate is not enough. You must have specific cases, good examples of your work and positive feedback. The combination of these components gives an excellent result with affiliate website designed by affiliate cms developers

    For entrepreneurs
    The success of your business depends on the competence of employees. The task is to accept really strong specialists into the team, who themselves will tell you what needs to be done. But can you determine the level of candidates if you yourself are poorly versed in the principles of work?

    In fact, every businessman is a top-level marketer. The Google certificate is a confirmation first of all for yourself that you are well versed in this. With this confirmation, you will be able to demand real knowledge and skills from staff members. Because you know what you're talking about.

    Before you get certified, refine your Google Analytics skills to a professional level. Experience is important here. But it all starts with the standard steps:

    Install Google Analytics
    To get started, create a Google account. You can use an existing account. The tool is included with other services: Gmail, YouTube, Adwords ...


    Make sure that you have access to the selected account only. This is a service that provides important information about your business, so you cannot trust anyone with complete control over it.

    If you intend to hire a person who will use Google Analytics, do not allow him to register his account.

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