How to reserve seats in Air China?

  • A lot of people prefer traveling by reserving seats so that they don't have to juggle with finding comfortable seats. However, there are a lot of airlines that assign their seats. But if you are traveling by Air China then you can reserve your seats. To find out how to tap below.

    Steps to reserve seats in Air China

    1.To reserve seats in Air China, first of all open the website of the airline and move to the manage booking section.

    2. Under the manage booking section, select reserve seats and enter the booking number of your flight.

    3.Click on the search option and as the flight details load, check if your flight provides seat selection or not.

    4.If yes then follow the online instructions and hence pick any seat of your own choice.

    And you are done! Following the above steps of Air China reservations, people can easily reserve their seats. For more information, contact the customer care team.

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