How to Set up SBCGlobal Email in Outlook?
  • Need to follow these steps to Setup SBCGlobal email in outlook:

    1. You can open MS outlook & select “File”
    2. Drop down the click of ‘Manual Setup or Additional server types’, select POP or IMAP & SMTP and click to ‘Next’
    3. Type ‘’ for POP or IMAP settings & ‘’ for SMTP
    4. Select ‘Advanced Settings’ & check ‘SSL’ as an encrypted connection
    5. Then, enter ‘995’ into POP3 field
    6. Enter ‘465’ into SMTP box
    7. Click on ‘OK’ and click ‘Next’ to save the changes.

    These were the following steps for Setup SBCGlobal email in outlook on your PC If you any other information is related to SBCglobal email then contact customer help desk service.

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