Fix Computer is not displaying anything
  • Fix Computer is not displaying anything
    The most common complain that user have with their computer is that at times even after turning on it does not displays anything. So here are some few tips and tricks to perform in order to fix the issue.
    How to fix computer is not displaying anything?
    Here some troubleshoot which can help the user to fox the issue that is being faced.
    Test the monitor- Before the user start with troubleshooting and time-consuming fixes with your computer, ensure that the monitor is a proper state. Also try to disconnect your monitor then try to turn it on and off. If the screen displays diagnostic info of any kind, then it is signal that display is powered and is proficient of showing content.
    Verify your computer by completely turning off then turn it on. Also try to restart.
    Delete the CMOS. By deleting the BIOS memory located on the motherboard it will return the BIOS settings to their original default levels. A BIOS misconfiguration can be reason why the PC will have the problem in starting again.
    Try to troubleshoot the cause of the beep code if used ends up finding one. A beep code will provide user a good idea of exactly where the issue is and what is the cause of turning the computer again and again.
    Also check the power supply voltage is switched on properly. If the input voltage for the power supply is not proper then your computer might not switch on correctly.
    Also check the power supply. Just because your computer's fans and lights are working doesn't imply that it is getting enough power supply. The PSU inclines to cause more glitches than any other hardware and it is main cause of the computer's components to work selectively or intermittently.
    Try to replace the power supply instantly in case it fails in nay test you performed.

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