Changing the Apple ID password on various devices
  • The Apple users should keep accessing the account online by frequently changing the password of their Apple ID. This process gives an additional layer of protection for your account and keep it safe from online breaching. If you keep changing your account password and keep a secure password, it will be quite difficult for hackers to access your account. So, it would help if you change your password every three months.
    If you are unaware of the process of password change of Apple ID and want the answer to the question, “How to change Apple ID password?”, you are at the right place. Here, you will get the process of the password change no matter what device you are using. All you need to do is to change the password instantly by following the steps mentioned below. However, if you still face the issue, you can contact the customer support executives of Apple to get assistance from them. Let us look at the process of the password change in the iPhone and Mac with mac OS Catalina.
    Change the password on iPhone:
    • At first, you need to go to the settings app, and you will have to select your name and enter the section of “Password and security.”
    • In the next step, you need to tap on the Change password and fill in the current password of your iPhone.
    • After that, you will be notified to create a new password and then confirm it by re-typing it.
    • The last step is to select the change password or change tab.
    This is the process of changing the Apple ID password in the iPhone device. You can also change the password on your Mac by following the steps that are mentioned below. These steps will help you out to change the password in Mac.
    Change the password on Mac:
    • To start the process, you will first have to select the Apple menu and go to the system preference option.
    • Then, you will have to tap on the Apple ID, and you can now choose the tab of “Password and security.”
    • Finally, you will get the option of creating a replacement password and entering it to change the password.
    This was the process to change the Apple ID password. As mentioned earlier, you are free to contact the customer support if you are not clear with the steps mentioned above. The executives will help you out in every step and will provide you with the best services.

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