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  • How to find missing MSN emails

    If the submitted project folders do not have text messages when they are not in hidden folders, these steps will help you retrieve them.

    The message was not sent

    First, make sure the option to save the information you send is selected. Sign in to MSN Explorer ("Blue") before performing this step.

    On the home page, click on the address like the image above.
    At the top left, click each folder for sent messages in the MSN folder and your computer folder to see if the email is being sent. If not, then proceed to the next step.
    Click the help icon and settings on the screen, and then click Email Settings.
    Click on the email.
    Make sure both options are selected.
    • Send a duplicate of the sent message to the server in the sent workbook
    • Add duplicates of sent messages to the server in the Sent Items folder on this computer
    If both options are selected, you can send mail to other folders if you have not yet seen duplicates of the sent message. Click these steps to search for mail in other folders.

    Email messages are not stored in a folder on your computer

    Click on each folder at the bottom of the window in the MSN folder. Folders on your computer list all folders and show current information.
    Or, if you remember all these emails, you can click on the email icon in the bottom right to search for effective emails.
    Click Find Predefined Text Information or type Type + F3.
    In the From, Text, or Message dialog box, enter all information stored in the From dialog box, and then click Find Next. Change MSN Password

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