Why is Google not working
  • Have you been facing Google issues in your iPhone device such as Google Search is being unresponsive or not opening at all? Well, this isn’t unusual at all and can happen to any Apple or non-Apple user. However, one can easily fix his problem with some simple troubleshooting hacks and wouldn’t need professional assistance. Besides, some of the easy fixes can be found in this post as well, hence, read further.
    Why You Face Google Unable To Work Issue: Common Reasons
    There are various reasons that might cause Google not Working in your device. Some of them are mentioned as follows.
    • Non-updated app
    • Bug issues
    • Too much cache & unnecessary data
    • App needs to be reset
    • Server Problem
    Therefore, the aforementioned issues are some of the major ad common ones that might let you face the unresponsive Google app. Now have a look at some of the solutions that will help you in fixing these issues.
    Top Fixes To Resolve The Google Unable To Respond Or Work Issues
    Follow the steps mentioned below to fix problem that might have resulted your Google not Working on iPhone.
    Start With Clearing The Cache Files
    • Go to Settings in your iPhone, move to General and then to iPhone Storage.
    • Scroll to the bottom for finding your apps and then look for the Google app t clear is cache.
    • Here, select the app and the follow the onscreen instructions to clear its cache.
    Reset The Google App
    • Go to the Google App icon and then tap & hold on it.
    • Now, tap that X icon on the top left corner and then the app will be removed.
    • Hereafter, launch the App store and then search for the Google App
    • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions to install the app and see if the issue is nw gone.
    Update the Google App
    If you are still facing the Google not Working issue, then you should update your current installed app version to the test one. Here’s how.
    • Move to the App store into your iPhone and then select the Today option.
    • Here, select your Profile and then see if the Update button is available net to the Google app.
    • If yes, the select it and wait until your app is completely updated.
    Moreover, if you are still unable to fix the issues that have caused your Google not Working on iPhone, then contact technical support at Google and get better assistance.


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