How to fix the issue of “Facebook not loading ?
  • A quick way to fix the issue of “Facebook not loading”

    If you unable to use your Facebook account in your browser, then there might be an issue with browser’s settings or outdated version of the browser. So here we shows you simple way to fix the issue of facebook not loading properly.

    Fix the Date and Time on Your Computer

    If the date and time configuration is updated wrong, definitely it will stop your Facebook account or you won’t be able use your facebook properly.

    Install updated Version of Browser

    Most of the time outdated version of the browser is not compatible with the system to access the Facebook, so every updated version works smoothly than others. We can say that the older versions may have issues and bugs in their account and therefore you are suggested to use up-to-date version.

    Beside, above all the points on Facebook not loading process, if you are seeking further assistance you can call their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or response.

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