How to Change Apple Id Password?
  • If you are looking for ways to change the password of your Apple ID, then you can do so using several methods. The steps to be used are as given below:
    By opting for security question:
    • When you opt to answer the security question for resetting your password.
    • You would then be provided with questions which you had set up while creating the Apple account.
    • Once you answer all the question accurately, you would then be taken to a new page where you would be provided with the option of setting a new password.
    • Now you would have to enter a password which you would not forget and which would also keep your account safe.
    • Once you have reset the password, you would be able to access your account using the new password.
    You would generally need to reset Apple Account password when you have forgotten the password or when your account has been hacked. Following the given steps would help you get back access to your account.
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