+1-833-410-5666 Chrome POP UP blocker still not working
  • Are you still facing unwanted pop-ups in Google Chrome? A damn irritating moment it is, when you try to continue the work flow but these ads interrupts you again and again. Many Google chrome users are facing unnecessary pop-ups because of the meddling way they are being shown in our program. And it’s more difficult if you had block the pop ups but still facing the unwanted pop-ups. Here are some tips to solve the error.
    Is chrome pop up blocker still not working…….
    • If still unable to stop pop ups, tries to install ad lock.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the chrome for once.
    • Run your local malware scanner on your computer:
    • Make sure your Chrome is up to date by typing “chrome://chrome” into your address bar, if you don’t, do so.
    • Once again make sure that pop up blocker in Chrome is enabled
    These steps will able to block the pop-ups in Google Chrome. We hope that we are able to help you out from the annoying pop-ups, but If the issues are continue just connect with us via +1-833410-5666. Here a high technical support will respond you and gave you required solution with negotiable waiting time.

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