Licking Stamps-the story of the GOP
  • The GOP needs to move into the 21st century. Their outreach mirrors the image of little old ladies sitting in backroom store-fronts licking stamps and putting them on fundraising postcards...REALLY?

    Today, one day after returning from a very well attended and well intentioned conference hosted by the American's for Prosperity, I received an email from a formidable liberal fundraising organization. They send out email blasts to their 8+Million subscribers constantly. In this latest email, I received a "teach-in" video on Syria. It was a YouTube generation produced video spouting the liberal talking points from our President's stance (or lack thereof) in Syria. The instructions were to watch, learn, teach and share with all of my social media connections. How cool is that? In one simple email, they are asking me to do their campaigning for them, be a volunteer spokesman for their cause, use my friends and connections to build their war chest and what is the GOP doing...licking stamps in the back room!

    The conference I attended in Orlando had star-studded guests with breakout sessions to teach the art of social media, getting the word out, and branding your message. All of these sessions were well attended and, as I mentioned, well intentioned. However, they all taught how to preach to the choir. Not a one taught how to reach out and recruit opposite minded people. Not a one taught how to use their social media friends to expand their views and convert others. Instead they taught how to post on social media and be mindful of "offending" others when posting political points of view. Not a one taught how to enlist volunteers to engage young voters on their level or how to infiltrate the enemy camps and begin to convert. Instead, they taught how to preach to the choir, only in a louder or funnier or clearer voice.

    I hope that the GOP can begin to learn how to convert others in a patriotic, genuine and gently way that exemplifies the GOP message. The sooner the better, because my mouth is getting dry licking stamps!

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