How to get the solar panel subsidy in Uttar Pradesh
  • Subsidy on the solar panel
    The state government has announced a Solar Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh of Rs 15,000 per kW for the development of solar projects on rooftops, which will be made available to residential consumers.

    State subsidy Rs. 15,000-20,000 up to 10 kW
    Amount of the central subsidy 40% for the first 3 kW and 20% for the remaining 7 kW
    Solar system size on the roof: up to 10 kW
    Customer Price - Rs. 7,800 per kW
    Sector - rooftop solar system for residential
    Online application - yes
    Documents: Photos, Identity Proof, proof of address, Aadhar card, bank details, electricity bill, location photos, etc

    For social housing projects with a power between 10 kW and 100 kW, the center will award a 40% subsidy for the first 3 kW, 20% on the balance sheet. The residential sector can install an RTS plant greater than 10 kW, but the central grant only applies up to 10 kW.

    Process for Subsidy
    Step 1
    Submit your solar connection request through the online or offline method.
    Step 2
    Contact the Power Distribution Company (DISCOM).

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