How to troubleshoot AOL Error ac-3101?
  • You can troubleshoot AOL Error ac-3101 by restoring your system to an earlier time, to ‘undo’ any changes to your operating system. The steps mentioned below will help you restore your Windows system:
    • Step 1: Open the Control Panel and go to ‘System and Security’.
    • Step 2: Select the ‘‘System’’ option and open the System Properties window
    • Step 3: Click System Restore and select a restore point from the list
    • Step 4: The System restores process will revert Windows to an earlier state.
    • Step 5: After the restore process is complete, Windows will shut down.
    • Step 6: When the computer restarts, you will see a message that says, “System Restore completed successfully.”
    If you find that Error ac-3101 persists even after you restore the system you can call the AOL customer service phone number and ask for additional assistance.
    For more visit: AOL helpline number

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