ATT Email Not Working: What To Do?
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    There are certain situations where the users face the issue of ATT Email not working. This would completely halt their functioning on the online email service. The process using which the users can overcome this issue is as given below:
    • When the users face the issue of not being able to sign in to the ATT email account, then you can choose to recover the account using an alternate email address or mobile number.
    • When the users face problems while loading the login or home page, it can be because their browser is outdated. In a situation like this, users can clear the cache, cookies, and browser history from time to time.
    • The issue of not being able to send or receive emails can also come across as part of your ATT email not working. In this position, the users would have to check that a virus or malware do not infect their system.
    If the issue is not resolved, the users can opt to att customer service phone number and seek professional assistance.
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