Get Best Deal Alert by Google Flights from Chicago to Shanghai
  • Do you know that going to Shanghai in winter is a great idea? First, you should find the destinations on the internet then you will find some fantastic places in shanghai. So if you are planning a holiday to get away from Chicago during winter, then this is the deal for you. As you know that you do not need to buy a credit card or something like it. Now it is a straight forward deal. Just follow some easy steps for getting cheap flights for this trip.

    Chicago to Shanghai with Google Flights?

    First of all, Open your browser and in enable the private mode. Now Open the Google flights site in your browser. On your screen, you will see the departure and arrival options. Enter the name ‘Chicago’ in the departure option and do not write anything into the arrival option. Click on search to begin the process. Now choosing the dates, which we can do it by going to dates tab. There choose flexible dates, then Click on done. Don't select a month or one-week duration.

    However, since we need to see the Shanghai deal with Google flights search, there is one last step. On the right-hand side, you can see the map. Move the map over china. When you do it, you will see the Shanghai deal.

    Now When you see the deal, there are few things should be noted in your notepad. First is the date, which is between 1 Nov and 8 Nov 2019. The average price would more than $800 for a round trip, but you are getting it less than $500. Now you can choose your deal and enjoy your trip with happiness.

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