• There is lots to talk about and no one is saying a thing. I for one would like to know who and why your favorite candidates are. Is everyone tired of these discussions. I like to hear from all of you as you all come from different walks of life with different opinions, but you all have something in common. You all care about the country or you would not be looking at GradeGov. I am undecided with a few favorites but would love to hear what the thinking minority has to say.
  • Looks like GradGov is coming to an end. I for one hope it can be revitalized.
  • I can tell you that Rand Paul is off of my list. He voted no on the small business committee to see who signed Congress application as a small business to get Obamacare subsidies for their staffers. Sneaky and dishonest. Now I know why he is so cozy with Mitch the traitor. I don't know that there is anyone running that will not cede to the "ruling class". I think we need to really concentrate on state and local elections to nullify their asses.
  • Right now I would support Jeb Bush. He is level headed and has the gonads to make the tough calls. It's early yet but that is who I'd support
  • The only candidate I will vote for has to get big business out of government. Get rid of the IRS and it's strangle hold on the American people. In favor of no amnesty, closed borders. All immigrants who want to be citizens have to go thru process, learn English and swear allegiance to the United States of American on a bible. Those that refuse will be sent back to their country. We have more than our share of immigrants, we need to start taking care of our people, the poor, the mentally ill, veterans these people have been pushed to the side for the illegal immigrants. We can't elect another "good old boy" politics as usual, because most of them have been bought by big money. We need a new face, one with out a personal agenda, but a need to work for the people. If you support Jeb Bush you support amnesty and open borders, which is what we've got now, in other words you would prefer the status quo, pander to the rich. All these politicians are in some ones pocket. There is no second chance come 2016.
  • I agree - Rand Paul is also off my list.
  • That list should include Rick Scott, Koch Brothers prodigy, they want to do away with unions, so every one can work for minimum wages. Ted Cruz, voted for TPP, Jed Bush, for amnesty, Rubio, for amnesty and open borders. There are too many bought and paid for politicians to mention, but all you have to do is look up their voting records to find out who owns them. But we do have a few people who are running that are worth looking into. Do your homework and never say never.
  • Hopefully people will pay attention and will look up records prior to voting. I can always be hopeful but think we have not yet sunk low enough to hurt the people who are hanging on to a free ride.
  • There is still plenty of time to decide. No hurry. a lot of people will drop out between now and next November and some stupid people will stay in just to screw with the numbers. I pray that the three NON-Politicians stay in to the end because I do NOT want another politician to screw up the country even more. A Carson Trump ticket would be great but who knows. Carly is great too. She needs more name recognition. Scott Walker has done good things in his state but needs to be more vociferous in the debates.
  • I agree with all 4 of your names but would add Bobby Jindahl as a running mate also.
  • gcolella369 is correct with the advice on paying attention to their voting record and what they have done in the past. Do not listen to what they say. The country is in decline and we are headed for exactly what happened to Argentina in the last 80 years. I fear we cannot out vote the "Free Stuff"
  • I agree with most of what you say shep5m. We are headed in the same direction as Argentina and Brasil. I differ only in the fact that we can out vote the "Free Stuff People". But in order to do this we must have a concerted effort of the people who care and can see what has lead us to the point we now find ourselves in. A good place to start is right here on GradeGov. These people care or they would not have joined in. The problem is they have become complacent and no longer write to the Congressmen. I have a list of things that I would like to see put before all Congressmen and I send this list out to a Congressman every day. If we could get the others to do the same and also get new members the Congressmen would sit up and take notice when they start getting 100,000 to 1,000,000 letters per day. Lets get this started. following is my list which are my concerns but all could make up there own list. It takes less than 2 minutes per day.
    1. We need a Balanced Budget Amendment.
    2. The IRS will be eliminated. In its place will be a National Sales Tax. Nothing will be excluded without 2/3 majority of each House of Congress.
    3. Under no circumstances could the Executive Branch circumvent Congress. If Congress was not in session they would have to be called back for a Special Session.
    4. No ballots during any election would be marked with party affiliation in association with any candidates name.
    5. Congressmen and women will read before voting on every piece of legislation and will be present for voting 85% of the time. The other 15% can be done electronically.
    6. Once service for an elected or appointed office is over, all perks and compensation would cease.
    7. There will be Term Limits for all Federal and Supreme Court Judges. One ten year term with a mandatory retirement age of 75.
    8. There will be Term Limits for Congress. Two 5 year terms for Senators and three 3 year terms for Representatives.
    9. All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund would be moved to the Social Security System and Congressmen would participate like all other Americans.
    10. Congress will no longer vote themselves pay raises but will receive a salary equal to the National Income average as calculated every Feb 15th.
    11. All Congressmen will have equal expense accounts to be determined by a panel made up of 5 Republicans, 5 democrats and 5 average citizens chosen at random whose incomes are equal to the National average.
    12. Salaries of all government employees will not be greater than those of similar positions in private industry.
    13. Congress will lose their Health Care System and will participate in the same system as everyone else.
    14. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are Null and Void.
    15. The Affordable Health Care act will be replaced by a Bill that will be designed by 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Business owners large and small, 5 Doctors and Hospital Administrators and 5 Attorneys. In order to expedite this no salaries will be paid till completed and submitted to Congress.
    16. Immigration reform will be handled in the same manner, with 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Governors and 5 Attorneys drafting the Bill and submitting it to Congress. First however the borders will be closed.
    17. Campaign Financing reform including time limits will be handled in a like manner as Immigration with 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Attorneys and 5 people at large Drafting the Bill.
    18. There will be no more Earmarks. All Bills will have to stand on their own merits.
    19. Voter ID will be mandatory by use of a National ID Car20. All welfare recipients will work 40 hours a week on government projects to claim benefits.
    21. All Food Stamp programs will be for staples only. (Rice, beans, vegetables and a modicum of meat)
    22. No one on Welfare, ADC or Food Stamp programs will be allowed to vote.
    23. Congress will no longer be allowed to dip into Social Security Funds.
    24. The Constitution and Bill of Rights will supercede any other legislation.
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