How to update AOL email settings in Mac Mail 10 / Mac mail 9?
  • This issue of AOL mail not being able to sync properly with mail apps on the computer is a very routine problem. There have been many people who have lodged this complaint and are still continuing to have the same problem almost every day.

    Solution 1: remove your AOL mail and add it again.

     Either in the mail or calendar app on your computer, go to settings.
     And under settings select ‘manage accounts’ and carry on clicking ‘delete an account’ and ‘select and delete the AOL account’ respectively.
    Solution 2: inspect the server settings.
     Go to the manage accounts section under settings and select the AOL account.
     Click on the mailbox option and ensure the following settings. Your IMAP username must be ‘your username along with’. The incoming server ‘ (port number 143 and for SSL 9930.
     The SMTP outgoing server should be ‘ and the port number 587’.
     The SMTP username and password should be ‘your username’ and the password will be the same one you used to log in to your windows mail app.
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