Trump a showman or statesman?
  • The GOP debates are showing us- the viewers, who can be a showman (or woman) and how can handle the press...but are they going to show us who can be a statesman (or woman)? The Donald is a successful businessman, the Donald is a successful media mogul, but can he govern, can he be the statesman this country so badly needs?

    Egos are terrible things. They get in the way of logic, compassion and common sense. The Donald is long on ego, but can he push his ego aside to make way for compassion, common sense and logic when it comes to governing our country? We don't need to be the world's biggest bully, but rather, we need to be the world's newest leader, wrapped in compassion, common sense and logic.

    Happy watching tonight and don't forget the popcorn!
  • Well said and I agree 100%. I would like to see someone who is not a professional politician get the office and that is why I am supporting Carly Fiorino and Ben Carson. If that is not in the cards I would prefer a Governor and would vote for Bobby Jindahl or Scott Walker.
  • You have to admit, that it is fun watching Trump tell the left wing media off as well as the political pundits who say he cannot be doing what he is doing because it breaks all the rules. Plus the fact he cannot be bought by special interests groups. The one thing I would like to hear out of his mouth is that every night he drops to his knees and prays to GOD for guidance and for GOD to help him to be more humble. I doubt that is gonna happen. Carson and Carly look so good as well as do Ted Cruise and Scott Walker The rest of the field I have no use for.
  • Trump has brought something to liven things up, but don't expect him to drop to his knees as he feels that God is the one that should drop to his knees. I would go for a Fiorina - Carson ticket.
  • As much as I would like to see Fiorina up there, she has ideas about Islam that I cannot stomach. Her saying on the Tonight Show that 1. Obama was not a Muslin when he himself has repeatedly said and shown that he is and 2. Repeated that old trash phrase that Islam is the religion of peace. Give me a break. That along with other statements lifting up the Muslims saying how grand they are totally killed me on her. I don't care how much she thinks she needs the Muslim vote. Besides she is not hat good at running a business. A Cruz - Carson ticket would straighten our republic out nicely! Just wish Walker had more FIRE and had done better.
  • I do not know hat happened to Walker as he stood up to the Unions and is a proven vote getter in a tough state. If I had to guess I think it probably boils down to money and that is one reason I think there should be a change in the laws so that the one with the most money is not generally the winner.

  • Personally I have gone thru a change of view. Firstly I considered him solely as a messenger as well as hardly being Presidential material. Sure some of his comments were
    ill conceived, yet like it or not his stature in the polls continue to rise. To answer a rhetorical question could he be our next President. The answer is yes. "Why"
    Well the majority of voters are tired of the old gang, dyed in the wool Republicans, hence
    the rise of all these new contenders especial Mr Trump & Mr Carson. Mr Trump got to where he is, not only by his own "smarts" but asking bright people to assist him. If he is elected I am pretty sure he would ask other bright people for their input & assistance. I think in the coming months we will see more diplomatic type comments. I also happen to believe his campaign should be to confromt Mrs Clinton, point out at every opportunity her congenital lying, again and again. Spend him on his (Trump's) negotiating skills,work on tax reformation, talk on getting budget changes so as to help tax payers,getting people back to work,strengthen our borders. Known criminal illegals taken back to where they slipped thru our borders..Point out to the rudderless policy existing where thousand upon thousands of people are fleeing Syria for Europe. We sure cannot begin to feed Syrians or welcome them in to the US - we have enough problems within our country without importing more.
  • I am in agreement with your comment of Nov 2
  • It's August and no one has an opinion as to who will work for the people and who is a bought and paid for politician and who isn't. Are we looking for a president that will work for the people or a president like Obama.
    Our only choice is Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will be more of the same and worse than Obama. Donald Trump has made a promise to the Americans that he will work to bring the country back to prosperity and I believe he can do it.
    I believe he has the ability to turn this country around with the aid of a great VP. Trump heart is in the right place if not his mouth. I think that is all part of the please notice me and of course the press.
    Our country is going to H*ll in a hand basket and no one seems to see it. Hopefully every one will wake up in time to vote because we are being out numbered by these immigrants and if we expect to retake our country we have to unify and vote as one.
    All these immigrants are being registered as Democrats, Muslims, Mexicans and God know who else.
    Please Vote America is depending on you.
  • I agree. I think Trump will be OK. We will not know till after he is President, but we know what will happen if Hillary is elected. I for one will vote for Trump as he at this time is the only one that can change things. 90% of all the immigrants from the middle east and Cuba will go straight onto the welfare rolls to be supported by the 50% that are working. Vote for Trump as there is no other choice to get us back on track. If he is not elected that will be the end of the USA and we will be headed for a country like Venezuela.
  • Right on afonay1, we vote for Trump or lose our country to the immigrants that are flooding it. The Democrats have sunk this country into the depths of Hell and will continue to do so. God help us if Trump doesn't win.

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