GSA spending could have been avoided
  • I gave Sen. Durbin an F. So tired of the pretense of shock and dismay regarding irresponsible spending by government agencies and then promises to "investigate." Here's a thought- How about drafting a budget and then holding the appropriate committee meetings to determine allocation of funds before writing checks???
  • We, the people... have had some "real gifts" these past years. Durbin, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd are but a few of the "gifts" that have impacted the Country in the very worst ways - we will live with their legacies of inemptness, destructive bills and horrible damage - for generations.
  • Senator Dubrin is RINO see below:
    About Dick Lugar’s voting record. Consider the following:
    Dick Lugar voted
    •To support a host of anti-gun legislation including a concealed weapons ban
    •To support the Bridge to Nowhere
    •To oppose school choice for victims of Hurricane Katrina
    •To oppose $13 billion in new mandatory spending cuts
    •To support raiding the social security trust fund to fund general budget appropriations
    •To oppose a one year earmark moratorium
    •To support adding $52 billion in new spending to Barack Obama’s stimulus bill
    •To support TARP
    •To support giving the IMF more money
    •To support the tax credit and tariff on ethanol
    •To support increased foreign aid spending
    •To support an expansion of highway spending that would bankrupt the Highway Trust Fund
    •To support increasing the loan limit to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
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