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  • How To Recover Pandora Forgot Password?

    Pandora is a popular music streaming app that facilitates you to enjoy the latest music in a new way. This advanced music apps is far different from traditional music apps. Many advanced and interesting are added in the app which is enough to improve your overall experience of listening to music. The users can access the music app on smartphone, window, and Iphone.

    The best thing about the Pandora Password Reset is, it prepares specific music collection for you according to the songs that you have listened on the app earlier. Moreover, there are many hidden features that you need to explore when you log-in to Pandora.

    The irony is, at times the music lovers face discontentment when they are unable to log in the account because of forgetting the password. But the password can be recovered easily and here you are one step-closer to recover the password.

    Step by step procedure to recover Pandora password;

    Go to and click log-in
    Click on Forgot Password option below
    Enter email address in the box. Make sure the email address is the same that you had used to sign-up the Pandora.
    Click ‘Reset’
    Open your email id and click on the hyperlink inside
    Pick a new password and confirm it
    Click on ‘Reset Password’

    Now you have a new password. If you are manually recovering the password, you are supposed to end up recovering the password. The method of Pandora forgot login is a little different. Likewise, if you want to learn about how to recover password on android, the procedure is different. But if you follow the instructions, you can easily recover the password.

    Agile Password support agents at Pandora Customer Support

    Pandora password reset link not working is also one of the generic issues faced by the users. To resolve this issue, Pandora users can directly reach out to Pandora support. However, if you don’t get succeed in this process, then we insist you to dial-up Pandora Support that is a reputed name when it comes to offering online support to Pandora users.


    The music lovers using Pandora often forget the password, which is very common. But the point is how easier you recover the password. Pandora lovers can reach out customer support to recover Pandora Forgot password.
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