How do I recover Sbcgobal password?
  • SBC acquired AT&T in 2005, assuming the AT&T company name, and subsequently acquired Bellsouth in 2006. Basically it is used as a domain name which may appear in your email address. So we can say that it is an email service provided by AT&T to its high-speed internet service users. If you are using SBCGlobal email and forgot your account password then you will not be able to access your account. If you have this question in your mind that how do I recover my Sbcglobal password?
    In this article, we are providing all the information related to how to recover Sbcglobal account password.
    Steps for recovering your Sbcglobal account password
    1. Open
    2. Now go to the SBC Global home page.
    3. Go to the upper right side of the page.
    4. Now, you need to click on the MANAGE PASSWORDS AND ACCOUNT SECURITY icon.
    5. It will redirect you to the AT&T ONLINE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT page.
    6. Now you need to navigate towards the upper left side of the page.
    7. Enter your ACCOUNT USERNAME.
    8. Click on YAHOO ACCOUNT INFO now.
    9. It will allow you selecting FORGOT PASSWORD or CHANGE PASSWORD pop-up.
    10. We request you selecting the FORGOT PASSWORD icon.
    11. It will be found near the LOGIN section
    12. Here you need to enter a NEW PASSWORD.
    13. Subsequently, save the changes.
    The above steps will help you in recovering the password of Sbcglobal account.
    In case if you still face unexpected difficulties while resetting your password. That's why the SBC management has provided a multi-channeled helpline which caters world-class services. You can have a conversation with helpdesk engineers via multiple means, such as phone support, email support, online chat support, offline chat support, and forum support. You just need to dial the number, drop an email, or send a chat request and ask how I reset my SBC password. Whether you prefer this method of that, you are likely to get assisted by the tech support professionals. They make the use of the latest technologies and prefer to help the users in the best possible ways they can do it.

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