These 3 Website Design Trends in 2019 with Best Website Designing Company in Delhi
  • Every year, the trends for website design changes. 2018 was an exciting year in the world of web development whereas in 2019 the latest web design trends allow us to peer into the future of where the web is headed. From layouts to colors, typography to white space everything in between has changed.

    Finally, it is time to switch things up as your website needs a makeover with the latest website design trends. Before that, get a sneak peek into the top website designing company in Delhi Zensly technology that can help you build new and exciting trends of website design.
    Let’s learn more about 3 essential website design that you must follow in 2019.

    Broken Grid and asymmetrical layouts
    This trend is back in 2019 too. This concept is used to help layout elements on the page or screen in an imaginary plane with horizontal and vertical lines. In most websites, the grid is easy to point out. For example; the logo, title, and content, line up together for the most part. It makes the grid feels less rigid or broken if you have a broken grid.

    This type of design pushes the envelope, pushes boundaries while experimenting with asymmetry. With the help of this technique, you can stand out from the crowd and can draw more attention.

    Oversized Lettering
    Now, the trend has shifted to even bolder, oversized lettering and script fonts. Zensly- the best website designing company in Delhi uses a subtle gradient color animation in minimal style design and uses a funky lettering style in surprising details.

    Poster-style Hero Images
    When it comes to design, creating a poster-style hero image is a bit challenging with multiple layered and bold elements. There are so many different ways to create a design to follow this trend. The combination of amazing imagery, impactful text, striking visuals in a different way grans the users’ attention easily and evoke curiosity in them.


    The biggest challenge is that most web designing companies fail to break the common design rules or contrast with principles of design theory. But, if you get the right website designing company in delhi i such as Zensly then there’s a huge upside.

    It is time to explore more with these risky designs concepts!

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