How to install Norton on your PC using your product key?
  • . And if you do not want to go through the procedure manually, the option of getting in touch with Norton customer care is always available.
    • On the default browser type
    • Enter the product key
    • After that, click on Create an account if you have not created one.
    • Provide all the necessary details for account creation and later on agree to terms and conditions
    • Once done, sign in to the software with the login details that you have created
    • Once again type the product key
    • Now click on the option of Download Norton Security
    • Once the NortonNSDownloader.exe file gets downloaded, click on Save File
    • Once the product gets downloaded, choose the option of Agree and Install
    • Wait for a few minutes, and the installation process would be complete
    For more info:-
  • Norton com setup is easy to install follow the steps even a new user can easily implement it.

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