How to get missing AOL desktop gold icon on your computer?
  • When you are in a hurry to send mail to someone else, and you found the Icon is disappeared on your computer. You are in confusion about how we lose the Icon but no need to worry follow the steps to get back the Icon. First, you make sure that you have downloaded and install AOL desktop gold in your computer which fulfills the essential system requirement. you can contact to AOL mail support phone number for further support for your AOL account.

    AOL desktop gold has a fantastic feature that user no need to regularly update the software. It has automatically downloaded and upgraded with latest AOL desktop gold software. There is some regular issue like missing Icon of AOL desktop gold, unable to install AOL desktop Gold, unable to play certain games etc.

    There are many reasons for the missing Icon of AOL desktop gold some of them are listed below

    Software update
    Delete Icon by mistake
    Hardware issue
    Antivirus software
    Method 1:- AOL icon update:- you follow the steps to get back Icon over the desktop

    Open the software
    Move the mouse over the Icon
    A pop menu will appear
    Click on ‘Keep in the dock.’
    Method 2:- Drag the Icon from docs- you can add an icon by drag it

    Open toolbar of AOL desktop gold and click on ‘GO.’
    Go to ‘Application’
    Locate AOL icon from the list
    The user is required to drag the AOL icon to the dock to make it as the desktop shortcut
    If a user still finds it challenging to get back the missing Icon of AOL desktop gold, they download AOL desktop gold and follow proper installation process step by step. For any query, you can contact to AOL customer service number on +1888-809-7444, or you visit our website
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