Why does the senate majority leader have veto power?
  • Where is this in the constitution? Do we need a constitutional amendment to require all bills submitted to either house of congress and approved by the other house to submitted for a vote within a reasonable time limit. Seems to me like dirty Harry has more power than the president when it comes to vetoing a bill. Is this what our founders intended?
  • Nope, he has bastardized the Senate rules so that nothing comes up without 60 votes. The Senate GOP have vowed if they get into power that they will restore the rules. I wrote a piece, the Senate isn't broken, it is those who serve in the Senate. Great post on Harry Reid's veto power, Thanks for posting!
  • Senators were APPOINTED by state - believe it was governors. none were elected.
    Now what we have is 2 houses. Both elected so both working for "constituants".
    ha ha.
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