Term limits
  • Read the book " An Act Of Self Defense " I do not advocate assassinations but we are to the point that this work of fiction could become a reality. We already are condoning many of the points in the book. We need Term Limits. Two 5 year terms for Senators and three 3 year terms for Representatives along with a stop to all benefits after leaving office. That way anything passed by Congress would automatically apply to all Congressmen upon their leaving office, just as it does for everyone else.
  • We have term limits,it's called elections.The problem is not the Constitution,it is the people who have a stronghold on the political process that resembles nothing near the Document's intentions. Not until the People realize there is no politcal parties in the Constitution and demand the election process according to the proceedures explained in the Document,then listen to the sad sound of America being flushed into history.The 2 Party System is a Democracy which is a mild Socialism.2010 may have been the last chance the People had to take America back to the US Constitution, until the GOP got into the Tea Party business and using the Left Media and Talk Radio to only promote re-electing the same politicians,and ignoring thousands of Citizen Candidates who ran for office.
  • I think Term Limits are needed even though you (Lightweight) say we have them, elections. I would agree that if the people that vote were not complacent and vote for a familiar names instead of doing their homework and finding out about all of the candidates. Even Thomas Jefferson did not think it would work without Term Limits. What other way can we make sure that the people who represent us are in fact representing us. People in general are lazy and will not take the time to find out the facts about candidates nor even legislation. Who ever dreamed that our representatives would vote for Bill's with out reading or understanding them, yet that is now the way that most Bill's are now being passed. With Term Limits there would be no incentive for our representatives to vote for political expediency but would and could vote for the right reasons.
  • Great idea, but don't expect these guys to sacrifice anything, especially the power and money most of them gain in office. Most of them look at it like a job, not a service to country. It's power and access to tons of money from almost every direction. There should also be a severe curtailing of lobbyist, especially ex-congressmen and senators.
  • Fewer laws, PLEASE.
    Less government.
    More freedom.
    If I want to vote for Ronald Reagan for a third term, I should be allowed to do just that.
    Give me Liberty!
  • I agree with both of you (fairandrew & greybeard) but the problem is that a large majority of the people do not look down the road to see what will and is happening. As a result we must have laws that will open eyes and keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again. We need to get rid of professional politicians and elect citizen politicians. I and I am sure you can also cite many examples of good people being corrupted after about 10 years in office. I would like to see more Democrats, Republicans, Independents and whatever taking advantage of Gradegov.com. Even though it is fiction I would like you to read "An Act Of Self Defense" as it points out what could happen and in some cases is happening. Maybe there is a better way than Term Limits but I do not know what it is, but through these discussions maybe we can learn.
  • Ya know, afonay, that's what they're doing in New York.
    Stupid fat people cannot lose weight, so they're now trying to make big soda's illegal.
    Those people can't "look down the road" either.

  • That is a personal choice and not a collective choice.
  • It's not "a personal choice" if they pass a law so I can't do/buy what I want.
    That's the point.
    I want government to play as little part of my life as possible.
  • I am sorry as I did not present my answer very clearly. What I meant is that it is Personal choice as to the size of drink or hamburger etc you buy and should not be governed by a law. Collective choice to my way of thinking is when do something collectively such as electing someone to a position and since a big percentage of the people have no idea as to who or why they are voting for someone other than name recognition I think that Term limits would help to correct that situation. Simply if I choose to eat a 20 lb hamburger that is my choice alone however if I choose to vote for Sam Smith for President that is not my choice alone. I agree that I do not want Government playing such a big part of my life but neither do I want non caring persons to be able to play such a big part of my life. Basically I think you and I want the same thing but I am not real good at expressing my opinions.
  • Now I have to admit to being REALLY confused...
    How is your choice for Sam Smith for president not your choice alone?
    Who else is taking part when you're in the voting booth?
    Me? I vote alone. I ALONE choose whose name I mark.
    It IS my choice, ALONE.
    Am I missing something, or are we talking different languages?
  • If you decide to consume a 20 lb hamburger, you and you alone make the decision without millions of others making the choice for you. If you decide to elect Sam Smith for president, You and millions of others make the decision. Out of those other millions how many are voting because of name recognition or 2 year unemployment benefits or $ 10.00 slipped to them for their vote or any of many other reasons that have nothing to do with the qualifications of the candidate.
  • Okay, I give up.
  • There's nothing to give up since we both want a smaller less intrusive government. It's been fun, have a great weekend.
  • Our Constitution should be amended to require Term Limits. The argument that we now have Term Limits through the process of elections is erroneous. Incumbents have huge advantages over challengers from a financial and organizational standpoint. Elections might be more effective should our people vote. Apathy evidently is the reason only about 35% of registered voters actually vote. Even a lower % of those who claim to be Christian vote and that is the group that should consider voting a responsibility.
  • This may seem obvious, but term limits admit the system is broken. We already have term limits. Its called "voting". You can't place a republic on auto-pilot. It demands participation. This is how you keep good in, and bad out. It really isn't that difficult. As an example, take Charlie Rangle. He is elected, and re-elected by morons, and people of similar low moral character. We get the government we deserve. Unfortunately, the lowest common denominator is getting lower each day.
  • Term Limits do not admit the system is broken, only abused. Thomas Jefferson fought to have Term Limits right from the beginning but unfortunately he lost on that point. We have them for the president and it is past time to have them for Congressmen and Federal Judges. Most states have them for Governors also.
  • Unfortunately term limits are really not the problem, nor is the system broken. The problem is simply that we have a rogue president that does not believe in laws or the Constitution. On top of that we have Democrats and Republicans who are backing him up. Problem is where do we go from here. When the Republicans took the senate in 14" their job was to stop this rogue president, but they didn't, they actually joined him, leaving the American people holding the bag.
    The only reason that the government has gotten away with so much is because no one is watching. We trusted our elected officials to look out for our best interest and they are not.
    Now it's up to us the American people, we push, we shove, we holler, we do what ever we can to stop them from taking away any more of our rights. Particularly our guns, the minute we lose our guns we lose our freedom. We'll need them to fight Americas second civil war and unless we start pushing back with our pen and our voice, we're going to need those guns sooner than you think. . .

    This is the enemy - "U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y has introduced House Joint Resolution 15 to repeal the 22nd Amendment and thus abolish presidential term limits.

    Serrano’s bill currently has no co-sponsors.

    It states, “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as president.”
    Serrano has introduced the bill before, in 2003, 2009 and 2011 with no success. H.J.R. 15 would require a two-thirds majority vote in favor in both the House and Senate and a majority of support from state legislatures. (We have to watch for this bill and let it be know that it isn't what we the people want.)
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/democrat-plan-lets-obama-run-for-3rd-term/#aKIh75xhvujV68oJ.99
  • I still think Term Limits would help the situation in that A Congressman would no longer have a lifetime job. Couple this with the end of all perks and pensions, I believe it would go a long way toward helping the situation. It might even do something about voter apathy if people could see that our Congressmen were there to serve and not be served.
  • I agree afonay1 that we need term limits for all, some of these so called politicians are nothing more than parasites and have been living the high life on our dime. I believe 2 year limits for every one and no big retirement package is the change that is needed. Serrano's bill was only to give the president another term so he could become a dictator. There is nothing wrong with our constitution, nothing has to be changed, it just has to be followed and there-in lies the problem.
  • I agree 100% in that we have gotten away from the Constitution. That is one of the very best documents ever created by man and to disregard it the way that we have been seems like one of the most foolish things that we can and have been doing. Lets get back to hiring Congressmen who will follow the dictates of the Constitution.
  • The real problem is we the people. We whine and complain, while we send the same people back for decades. Apathy runs abound. Look at the voter turn out with only 1 in 3 voting. For the most part those voting are uninformed and clueless on the issues or the integrity of the ones that they are voting for. It's amazing the number of voters willing to accept socialism. America is decaying morally; strong leadership could turn it around but only if people are willing to get involved. We have term limits. 1/3rd of the senate and the entire house could be replaced if the voters were informed and chose to exercise their vote.
  • I totally agree, but feel the only way to change things is to force the changes upon those who do not want to get envolved
  • I recommend to people that they vote by mail. It comes in the mail a month before the election and volunteers call every week to remind you. I sat down in front of the computer and looked up every name I wasn't familiar with. As much research as I had done I was not familiar with some of the names. I had weeks to do this so if you work all day take 1/2 hr. each time and look up the records of these people. Make your educated vote count. I called the register of voters a couple of days after I mailed it to make sure that my vote had been received and it had. No excuses. I called all my neighbors and asked them to fill out the forms to get the package by mail and than when it came I would help them with it. Most of them did so and I showed them how to look up the candidates and make their decision. I'm retired so I have time to do these things as I'm very concerned about our great country. We're sitting on the edge of a precipice and if we don't solve this TOGETHER the ship will go down. Not a doubt in my mine.
  • You have some good points, I however liked it better when you had to go to your polling place to vote. At least if you had to make the effort to go there to vote you probably took the process more seriously and were more likely to find out about the candidates.

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