• It is hard to believe that with the upcoming election there is no discussion. It is no wonder that Congress has an approval rating of around 10%. We the disinterested people must have an approval rating around 1%. We will get the same old elected people and we will deserve it.
  • Still no one interested enough to discuss the election. We will get what we deserve when no one cares.
  • No one cared before the election and no one seems to care afterwords.
  • I care and think actually it came out very good. Why?
    If you noticed some of the trash got dumped :-) Next Pelosi, Reid and the odor in Congress will be a lot better!!!
  • Yes you cared a month afterwards. Things went better in most places but certainly not all (Oregon). This last Congress has been the worst in History, Hopefully the next one will be better but the Republicans had better do something positive or all will just go back to the way it was and the USA will continue its downhill slide.
  • I think the apathy that permeated the 14" election is starting to wane. People are starting to wake up and fight back and I think that pat on the back goes to Donald Trump. I have never heard him speak or watched his shows. I'm not into main stream media, they do noting but brain wash the listeners. My point is that a lot of people are listening to what he has to say, he's the only one out there talking about what the American people WANT and need to get our country back. I really love Dr. Carson, he's a great American but he's trying to be politically correct and Trump is not, he tells it like it is. He's running for president and already has passed a bill: The ‘Donald Trump Act’ Just Passed The House By A Landslide, And Obama is FURIOUS About It. http://toprightnews.com/the-donald-trump-act-just-passed-the-house-by-a-landslide-and-obama-is-furious-about-it/
  • I certainly hope you are right about the apathy starting to wane. I am not convinced Donald Trump would make a good president but am extremely glad he jumped into the race. He has started people thinking. He is not afraid to speak his mind and we need more of that. One thing that bothers me is that I have heard that he might try a third party bid. I do no think he will and I certainly hope he won't as that would assure Hilary of the Presidency. That we don't need, Obama put us in the toilet and Hilary to flush it. I hope he keeps on running and if he gets the nomination, he will get my vote.
  • afonay1, I hate to tell you this but there will be a third party running in 2016. The problem is simple, names, no parties on the ballot, as suggest here before. We have to leave the past and start a new future for voting. The tea party will separate from the Republican party because most of them are RINO's and right now the consensus of opinion is that the American people do not want to vote for either party. Right now I think that voter fraud is our biggest hurdle for winning the next election and the only way to stop it is to allow the states to purge their voting records, but Obama is suing them and trying to stop it. It's going to be a fight, all the way, to elect a president that will work for the people because there has not been one of those in many, many years.
  • I wish someone would tell me about the Tea Party. I have not seen anything other than they want to get back to following the Constitution. Mark my words, at this point in time there are not enough people that care enough and will find out about the candidates to vote in a third party candidate. To many people do not seem to understand that the government does not have limitless funds to continue to have half our population dependent on Uncle Sam. That will not change till those people are hit hard by the government not being able to take care of them. If we end up with a third party candidate we will end up with the worst of all possible scenarios for the next administration-------Hillary

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