• The debates are coming up and there are already calls for eliminating people. Personally I want to see all of them involved. It could be done in 3 debates with the winners and runner ups in a fourth debate. All of them have something to add and should be heard. This is the first time that we have a possibility of hearing from non Washington insiders and I for one want to hear the ideas from non establishment types.
  • We have had enough "musical chairs". I for one am tired of the same old names and same old rhetoric. We haven't had a real president in decades.
  • This is the time to stand up as there are now more Washington outsiders running than at any time that I can remember. We must get back to following the Constitution, one of the worlds great documents, instead of trying to change it.
  • Do Your homework. Research all these candidates, if they were working for big business before you can bet they will not be working for you as president. Our politician have learned to lie to the public and found out that they can get away with it. Once a liar always a liar. If you vote to put another Democrat or Republican into the office of President you will have a continuation of what you have now, which is a socialist, third world agenda. We are losing our freedoms left and right and you're waiting to hear the debates. The one and only candidate who is speaking up is Donald Trump. So during the debates listen to all the lies and bulls**t that the rest will be peddling and God help us all that the same mentality that voted in a non-citizen, Muslim, mulatto who hates white people, do there home work before they vote. America can't afford to elect another politician for president. They are all bought and paid for by big business, and for the people who can't see it, please look up their voting records. Actions speak louder than words.
  • I agree that you should do you homework and believe that now is our chance. We at least have some people for a change that are not establishment. Donald Trump has come along and given some of them a set of balls. Trump has shown that you do not need to be a beltway boy but you must say what you think and be honest with the American people. He alone has brought the level of interest up from total apathy to a modicum of interest in the candidates.

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