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Be the owner of a GradeGov site for your state. It's easy and affordable!

Here's how:

  • Contact Elizabeth @ email us at [email protected] to see if your state is still available
  • Agree to the legal contract protecting your site and the GradeGov brand
  • Monthly payments starting at $189 or the 12th month free if you pay 1 yr in advance (includes hosting fee)

What's in it for you:

  • Own and operate your GradeGov(insert state abbrev.).com whereby members can Grade their state Governor and state legislators
  • Generate unlimited revenue through advertising or other commercial means as permitted under the agreement
  • Provide a venue for GradeGov members to promote grassroots state initiatives
  • GradeGov site can influence and organize state related issues
  • State site receives a twice weekly advertising on GradeGov radio
  • Direct links between GradeGov.com and all state sites

RESERVE your GradeGov state site today!
at [email protected]