Dennis H's Email to Representative John R. Carter

06/23/2009 20:17

I gave you a grade of A.  Here we go!  The first Headliner of Obama's magnificent healthcare industry deal.  A 50% discount for brand name drugs for people (Medicare insured) that are in the donut hole?  How many are actually in the donut hole?  What's the price of these drugs to insurers of part D?  It seems to me that this is an insurance issue, not a drug company issue and all the drug makers are doing is selling at a discounted price (probably what they sell to insurers) within the donut hole.  Oh yeah, then there is the "some of the money used for other causes".

Not enough information here, Congressman.  Again, we're the subjects of fancy language and vague 'snow jobs' from BHO.  Where's Congress on this stuff and what have the insurance companies had to say (or weren't they included in the discussion)?

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