LISA B's Email to Representative John P. Sarbanes

06/25/2009 19:02

I gave you a grade of F.  Your support of the Cap in Trade (national energy tax) is unbelievable.  I read your web page.  There is nothing exiting about paying more money.  Please start doing your job--lowering taxes, balancing the budget, ect... and stop sitting around just thinking of new ways to take more of our money to give to those who in some cases just don't want to work, or just want to mooch. 

I am currently unemployed, but still looking for a job.  I'm not hopeful because of this legislation, and the healthcare legslation.  THERE IS NO MONEY.  WE CAN'T AFFORD IT.  PLEASE LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS.  I have to live within my means, and what you are proposing will take even more of the limited resources that I already have.  All of the new taxes that are being thrown around does not give business owners an incentive to expand their business and hire people like me.  This legislation will KILL the middle class and any hopes of the economy turning around.  Businesses will pass the cost of higher energy on to the consumers so we will get not only higher energy costs for ourselves, but higher cost of goods and services. 

The Fair Tax will eliminate corporate taxes, and the IRS and be fair to everyone.  All those manufacturing jobs we lost will come back and then some.  That is a job and tax revenue creator, not strangling energy to keep people under the control of and dependent on government.  YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE IF THIS LEGISLATION PASSES.   You won't likely get re-elected once Marylander's already too high energy bills go up.  I demand that you not vote for this garbage, take more of my money legislation. 

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