Dennis H's Email to Representative John R. Carter

06/26/2009 16:12

I gave you a grade of A. I listened to you this morning on KLBJ and thought that you could have been a little more convincing on the subject of "Cap and Trade".  The Cap and Trade bill is no good for the American public, does little to nothing for reducing CO2 and raises taxes higher than anyone has ever experienced before.

Companies and businesses with high carbon emissions may find it more profitable to cease doing business in favor of simply selling their credits.  The result will simply be more unemployment. Companies who have to buy credits will pass the cost along to the consumer.

The United States produces .55 tons of CO2 per $1000 of GDP whereas China produces 3.14 tons of CO2. The cheapest fuel around the world is coal, and China has enough for the next 100 years and beyond.  Coal produces more CO2 than any other fuel.  China's main source of fuel for electric generation is coal.  A 1 gigawatt electric powerplant produces 3 tons of CO2 every 3 seconds and China is building and adding one new coal fired powerplant every week.

If the U.S. were to cease production of all carbon emissions and reduce the current level by 30%, China, India and other developing nations will cancel out that effort in just three years. What the United States needs is incentives to develop alternative energy technologies and sources, not more taxes.

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