Richard D. S's Email to Representative Christopher H. Smith

06/27/2009 16:00

I gave you a grade of F. The fact that you voted for a piece of legislation which you could not possibly have read is amazing. Remember Nancy Pelosi's 4 words when reflecting on this bill. "JOBS, JOBS, JOBS AND JOBS" because that's what's going to be lost as a result of this legislation through the downsizing of AMERICA.

Cap and Trade is a Hidden Tax on everybody. The additional expenses for each American will be far in excess of any benefit because mankind's contribution to Global Climate Change is not significant, according to over 31,000 Climate and other Scienticists. In fact the greatest benefits of this legislation will pass to China and India beause that's where our Jobs will go.

Government Paid National Health Insurance is intended to drive the Health Insurance Companies out of business (according to Rep. Jan Schakowsky 9th IL). Single Payer will cause rationing, denial of services and a decrease in the General Quality of Health Care. Medicare and Canada are not the Models we should be following.

Balance the Budget, Cut Spending and enact Tort Reform.

Stop trying to get re-elected and do what's right for America

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