Rich R's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

04/30/2009 10:37

I gave you a grade of F.  Here are a few reasons:

You are ignorant and lie about wind wind power.  It does not create thousands of jobs.  It takes one "enginner" to maintain up to 15 units.  Most were hired from out of state,  You said they were a perfect fit because we had the infracture in place.  Another lie.  The goverment is using eminant domain to run lies through property were owners are oposed to having them.  You claim this will be a big boost to the local economy.  Wrong again.  Most towers are manufactured in south america and blades come from there or Germany.  Assembeled by cranes and many "non-american" workers over a few weeks.  The biggest insult is you allowed a Spanish Power company to buy and control our new "wind" power grid.  The people in the small towns don't want the noisy inefficient turbines, the enviroment is being destroyed to put them up, the tourism industry will suffer greatly as out natural landscape is scared for life and you are letting these out of state and out of country corporations steamroll over what any town wants via lawsuits that are breaking the towns back to defend.  Where are the property owners rights?  Where is the justice?  All that is happening is the government is giving huge $$$ incentives to a solution towns don't want and are forced to live with.  Many wind compaines have already been flipped to grab the dollars, cut bait and run.  Shame on you for allowing such coruption to happen under your watch.  As a taxpayer to this state, all I can say is "Good Ridance".

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