Richard D's Email to Senator Susan M. Collins

07/09/2009 14:01

I gave you an F for faking outrage over security breaches.  It is laughable when our elected elitists fain outrage for the failure of federal employees to do their jobs, when our elected elitists routinely ignore theirs.  Pass spending bill after spending bill without reading them, a failure to do your job.  Support a government take over of banks and private businesses is also a failure to do your job.  Any support for cap and tax will be just another in a string of your failures to do your job.  Any support for a government run healthcare program when the two that exist Medicare and Medicaid are failing will be a failure to do your job.  The only two things our government does well is lie through their teeth and waste our money.


So save your outrage, when we have clowns like you in Washington what more should we expect?  You ignore the will of the people, you have never been right, and you need to go for failing to do your job.  You Collins are a security breach on all Americans.

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